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Published Incidents

FTP 500 / File Manager Login Details Incorrect

Due to the constant free user growth users may face issues accessing FTP or File Manager from time to time, errors can vary from "Login details incorrect" when on the File Manager or getting a timeout, the same for an FTP client if you get 421/500 error. The only solution for this - is waiting the issue out. We can't speed up the process, the developers are fully aware of the FTP inaccessibility at times and they are alerted by the monitoring team. Over the next 12 months, the team will be improving the network to reduce these inaccessibility periods. Please be patient if you face FTP issues and just wait them out. Thank you.

Site Builder / Zyro Browser Issue

Some users may find issues if they use Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer to use the Site Builder / Zyro option inside the 000webhost panel, developers are investigating but it works on Google Chrome, Canary and Mozilla Firefox without issue.

Social Login Users Issue

If you've previously linked Facebook/Google and you cannot login to anymore (getting an unknown error occurred) or similar message then you must contact us via the forum or Discord or just by emailing [email protected] and we can remove the social link manually and allow you to login again with email and password. Apologies to those affected.
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